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September 2018

To, Joanna Skillman and Team

(Breast cancer patient)

I had a mastectomy in 2007-followed by another surgery (breast cancer came back) in 2011-then had chemo followed by radiotherapy. It has been a long hard battle - But I am there!!

This year 2018 - You and your team - put me back together, Thank you!!! I feel a completely different person. You are all amazing xxxx

  • You are all a massive credit to your profession. And I am so glad to praise you, for you understanding and care you have shown me. Thank you.


September 2018

Dear Joanna,

I just wanted to say a truly heartfelt thank you for firstly agreeing to operate on me, also for simply being you! You're such a genuine, kind, down to earth women and I felt so at ease talking to you and knowing I was in your safe hands.

The biggest thanks is for what you have done for me, the physical change that comes with this op, knowing that once healed I can lift my children up with ease, cuddle my baby without having to re-adjust his position or wincing in pain, I’ll have some more independence as I shall be able to now do some things that I have previously had to rely on others to do because of the abdominal pain it would cause. Even my bathroom habits have already changed for the better.

Finally what you have done for me and my confidence is already phenomenal!! At long last I can feel confident and sexy both in and out of my clothes. This has made an impact on my relationship and even my social life.

I hope you like your gift because it was carefully chosen ‘a friendship knot’ because I can say hand on heart that I will NEVER forget you and what you have done for my life Joanna.

Much Love


July 2018

To Ms Skillman

“Thank you” for making me happy to look in the mirror again! kind regards



Breast Reconstruction

July 2018

Thank you for everything, putting me back together again, making me feel whole and human once more.

Many many thanks.


Breast Augmentation

June 2018

To Jo,

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you’ve done for me and for being so kind and caring.

You’re amazing at what you do!

Breast Reduction

June 2018

Thank you so much for everything! You have made me so much happier!

Thank you again!


Revision Breast Reduction

April 2018

Dear Miss Skillman

Many thanks for your outstanding care and attention - it’s been a long road for me, but the results are well worth it. A BIG ‘thank you’! 

Best wishes


Gynaecological Reconstruction

March 2018

Dear Ms Skillman,

Thank you for your kindness to me, we met Mr Ahluwalia who was also very helpful. He advised me that I could attend his clinic at Walsgrave Hospital and receive treatment as a national health patient.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness

God bless you


Breast Reconstruction

February 2018

I am writing to tell you how much I am obliged to you for your devoted surgical treatment of my twin sister on Friday 22nd February.

Thank you ever so much for everything you and your team have done for my sister.

With the very kindest regard.


Breast Augmentation and Correction Tuberous breast Anomaly

My experience undergoing a breast augmentation with Joanna Skillman as my surgeon was amazing. At first, I had so many concerns surrounding scarring, the pain and recovery time in terms of fitting it around the demands of studying and everyday life but I was immediately put at ease during the first consultation with her. Following the operation, I am delighted with the result and could never even have anticipated such a natural appearance which was a huge worry from the start. I have very minimal scarring and after just 3 weeks it is although I never even underwent the surgery; it is hard to imagine I haven’t always been this way. The pain of the operation is nothing in comparison to how it has changed my life, I now have so much more confidence in myself and the relief I now have during clothes shopping is incredible, as I find that any top in my size now fits perfectly!

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Dear Joanna,

Please can I take the time to thank you so much for the surgery your performed on me. I am so happy that I got the best plastic surgeon ever. 

Thanks again, Regards.

Breast Reconstruction

Dear Miss Skillman,

I had to write and express how happy I am with the treatment I have received from you and your colleagues.

I recently had to have a breast reconstruction and I am extremely pleased with the results.

Not only that but I was treated very respectfully  by you and you and your team and I really appreciate it.

Thank you very much again!



Dear Jo, 

Thanks once again for your expert skills, care and kindness pre and post my surgery. I am one very happy lady!-

Best wishes

Breast reconstruction.JPG

Breast Reconstruction

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to you and to your team on performing my breast reconstruction. Not only is it the physical look but it gives me such pride and confidence of having a perfect pair of breasts- to me this is priceless.

Thank you so so much


Breast Augmentation

I can't thank you enough for the confidence you have given me! I was se nervous from start to finish and you have been so supportive. I am so pleased with the outcome and can't wait to wear all the clothes that will now look amazing with my new additions.

Again thanks again


Breast lift and tummy tuck

February 2014

For many years I'd been unhappy with my tummy and finally got the courage to do something about it.  From my first appointment with Miss Skillman I knew I was in safe hands.  She is kind, caring and wasn't phased by my list of questions.  She explained everything so I could understand and it was clear that she is an expert.  Miss Skillman undertook both procedures together and the aftercare I received from both her and the nurses who looked after me on the ward was first class. I am now a different person and I am so grateful to Miss Skillman for making me the new me. Thank you. x


Breast Augmentation

August 2017

I had a breast enlargement and it was the best decision I've ever made.   Saving hard for 15 years, Jo finally made my dream come true. She advised what shape would look best, as I had a very pronounced dip between my breasts. Having this operation has given me the confidence to meet new people and start my business.

Jo has done a fantastic job and I'm forever grateful.

Thank you Jo. From the happiest woman alive xx.

8th August 2017



Bilateral Breast Reduction

25th August 2017

After years of consideration I finally had a breast reduction.  I wanted to find a compassionate and talented surgeon and that's exactly what I found in Ms Skillman!  From the moment I met her, I knew, not only that she was a fantastic surgeon (artist!) but also a very kind individual.

I couldn't be any happier with my new breasts and the experience has been life changing for me. I will be forever grateful!

Thank you Ms Skillman xx

25th August 2017



Breast Reduction

I have received the very best care and attention from Jo, following my decision to undergo a breast reduction.  The decision was not taken lightly and I'd seen another surgeon prior to meeting Jo. Having not felt satisfied that the surgery was right for me, Jo put my mind at rest and reassured me with clinical facts and emotional support.  The operation prior, during and post was excellent.  I was happy with the results on day one and am thrilled with the difference the procedure has made to my life and mindset, which is now nearly 3 months on.  Good advice, practical and emotional, help and support has meant I have been completely happy with the treatment I have received. I would (and have) recommend that anyone who might want simply preoperative information in the first instance to contact Jo. She is excellent.

Huge Thanks.

11 July 2017, Op 25th May 2017


Breast Enlargement

I had been wanting this operation for many years and finally decide to go for it. When I had my consultation with Jo, I knew she was the right surgeon for me.  She understood what I wanted to achieve and the reasons why.

Having small boobs affected my confidence in terms of the clothes I was / wasn't able to wear - nobody really knew how much.  But I am OVER THE MOON with the result. They look totally natural and my confidence about my body has sky rocketed.  I cannot thank Jo enough for the care and advice I received - second to none.  All of my worries were eased, whenever I had questions and it just confirmed why I chose her in the first place.  Big, big thanks to the nurses, who provided excellent care.  I LOVE the new me and here's to wearing whatever I want!

Huge, huge thanks!

15th September, Op date: 8th August 2017


Breast Augmentation

I had been wanting this op for a very long time and after turning 18 I couldn't wait any longer.  However, I did’t get off to a good start - after being cancelled by 2 different surgeons from a clinic in Birmingham, I lost all hope.  I gave it one more go and after meeting Miss Skillman, I knew she was the right one.  Everything went perfectly and I cannot thank her enough.  Miss Skillman has done a wonderful job - I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you Miss Skillman, you have been amazing through all of this and I don’t have a bad word to say about me whole experience with you.  You have made me feel so comfortable from the start.


Bilateral Breast reduction

From the first moment I met Jo Skillman, I knew I had found the right consultant for this procedure.  It wasn’t just her CV and extensive experience, it was her warmth and listening ability. It was very clear to me that her work is a true vocation.  I didn't realise I was able to trust someone as completely as I did her.

Now in the post operative phase, as I write this, I am absolutely thrilled with the results of my surgery.  The surgery may not have saved my life but it has given a large (no pun intended!) part of my life back to me, for this, I have Jo Skillman to thank and I will never forget her care, calm reassurance and expertise. THANK YOU!


Breast Reduction

Having considered breast reduction surgery for the past 7 years, it wasn’t until meeting Jo Skillman that I was positive that I wanted to go ahead. Her personable and caring approach made me feel relaxed and that I was in very safe hands.

Now post operation, I am more than happy with the final result. Jo has helped me achieve breasts that are in keeping with the rest of my body and have improved my quality of life.

I can’t thank you enough!


Breast Reduction

I had been considering this operation for many years and finally came to see Jo Skillman in February and the operation went ahead in May.  Everything went well with the the operation and after.  I cannot thank everyone enough for the care and concern I was shown after the operation.  I now have breasts that are the right size for me thanks to Jo and her team.  I have and will continue to recommend Jo to everyone who asks.  She is a lovely person and an excellent surgeon.



My name is Betty, and I am in my early 60s.  I had been considering cosmetic surgery for over 15 years.  In that time it wasn’t just my upper and lower eyelids I wanted doing, but my neck had gone as well.

The Spire Southbank in Worcester was googled and one name seemed to stick out to me more that the other surgeon’s. The name was Miss Joanna Skillman.

I phoned the hospital and spoke to a lady called Leanne.  She was so kind and less than 24 hours later, she had sorted out an appointment date, and a [possible] date for the operation.

After my first consultation, Joanna had listened to me at great length, about what I wanted to change. Joanna then carefully [went] back through all the different things in detail, and at the same time carefully making her own notes.  Joanna did not give me any false hopes, about what she could or could not achieve, and as was explained, she did not want to give me a windswept look, but a natural look.  When I left the hospital, I felt completely satisfied with how it had all gone.

I had a second consultation with Joanna before the operation and I know my trust was in her to do it.

I had my operation of the 1st of July and when I went down to theatre, I had no second thoughts.

As I had 2 procedures done in one go, the operation took over 6 hours.  I was in the recovery room for 1 1/2 hours and was taken great care of by Adam.

I would also like to thank the anaesthetist who also took extremely good care of me, during my operation and right up to my discharge from the hospital.

The day after my operation, Joanna came to see me, when she got a mirror I was amazed at the change I could see in my face.  She saw me three times that day, even though it was her day off.

Again, on her day off one week later, Joanna came in to take out my stitches, she took the clips on 30th July.

I personally can not thank or praise Joanna enough for all her care, kindness and her dedication towards me.  I know if I ever wanted anything else done, I would never go anywhere else.  Anyone thinking of any cosmetic procedure. I can highly recommend Joanna Skillman.  She is a first class surgeon, high in her field and cares passionately about what she does. 

All the staff at the hospital, are very kind and caring.  I would use this hospital and Joanna Skillman again.

Thank you to you all.


Tummy Tuck

“This is something I had been considering for 6 years since the birth of my second child, where my tummy muscles separated during pregnancy.  This caused a large separation (3cm) and lots of baggy skin on the tummy.  For 6 years I couldn’t even bear to show my husband, I was so embarrassed and self conscious.  It totally affected my confidence.  Then I met Jo and felt totally at ease and I knew she would help me.  I had absolutely no doubts about the operation and even afterwards, I did’t feel as bad as I’d imagined.  Yes, it was very uncomfortable, but each day got better and with support at home I made a fantastic recovery.  Thank you Jo, so much”


To Miss Skillman.

Thanks for giving me my life back, and for all you've done. Once again thanks.